Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review - Oracle of The Shapeshifters

A few weeks ago I picked up a new oracle deck. I love to collect tarot and oracle decks, especially ones that are a little different than a standard tarot deck (though I have plenty of those too).

The artwork is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith and the guidebook is written by Lucy Cavendish. They have collaborated on other oracle projects before. I have their Oracle of Shadows and Light, which I really liked, so thought I might enjoy this one too.

I am a big fan of her artwork. I love the style with it's colourful yet gothic bent, and the doll like figures with large eyes often dressed in gothic fashion. Below is one of the cards from the deck called "Little Red Riding Hood."

Besides the great artwork, I find the guidance to be straightforward and relevant. The book is well written. You can either read the full longer interpretation for each card, or the quicker divination interpretation, and both are useful.

The cards themselves are large, which might be a challenge for those who are not used to such large ones for shuffling. The stock is high quality and glossy, and the overall packaging is well designed and sturdy.

I would recommend this card deck to those looking for an oracle with a more gothic or lolita bent to it, or for those who love animals. I would also recommend it to those just looking for something different then a standard tarot deck.
I give this deck 4 parasols out of five!

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  1. I've never had my tarot read, actually. Cute art, for sure.