Monday, June 30, 2014

New Blog!

I'm excited to introduce my new blog Lilac Enchantment. You can find the new blog here. No dear readers, I am not abandoning this blog. The new blog is for metaphysical subjects and my tarot reading business. I felt I needed a separate one, as the NeoVictorian Parlour is more of a historical/fashion/personal type blog. I will continue to post on a weekly basis here.

If you are interested in the new blog, please feel free to follow of course! Also any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome.

The first post to the new blog is below.

Introducing My New Blog

I am and artist and tarot reader. I have been reading tarot cards for 20 years, along with other kinds of oracle cards such as runes, animal cards, goddess and faerie cards. I also make and interpret astrological birth charts, and read tea leaves.  I believe that all these various oracles can help us connect with Spirit and find new perspectives on our life path.

I'm also a practicing artist, who makes spiritual art - icons of gods, goddess, angels and saints.  I believe that art can be used also to help us connect with the divine. Whether you are the maker of the art, or enjoying and appreciating the piece, art can be used to lift your spirit and inspire.

So why the name Lilac Enchantment? I love the colour purple, and lilacs are one of my favorite scents and flowers. For me it evokes images of spring, the long evenings of early summer, and faeries. I felt "enchantment" also evoked a sense of wonder and connection to the spiritual that I hope to convey in my posts.

In this blog I will cover not only the tarot and how to read this mystical oracle, but also such metaphysical subjects as astrology and the lunar phases, crystals, Wicca , runes, meditation and other spiritual subjects. I hope you will find my little blog interesting and informative! My first full post will be tomorrow. :)


  1. WAHOO! Good luck with the new blog! :) VERY exciting.

  2. I followed your new blog via Bloglovin :3 It sounds very interesting ^^