Monday, June 2, 2014

Red and Black Week - Makeup

I'm very excited that Sophistique Noir's Red and Black week is upon us again. I promise you an outfit post or two as the week continues, but today I'd like to talk about the red and black I wear everyday - my makeup.

The Black
Eye Liner

I am definitely a liquid eyeliner girl. I find the pencils smudge and don't stay on and I didn't really like the consistency of gels when I tried them. I also prefer liquid liners that have a brush on the end as opposed to the pen like nub. I find the brush easier to control and the pen too scratchy. My favourite brand is NYC which is very affordable and can easily be found at my local drug store.

Eye Shadow

Another great drug store staple of mine is NYX brand eyeshadow. It comes in a variety of colours, though I stick with black most days and another accent colour which varies on my mood. I find the colours to be quite pigmented, and if you use a primer with it, it will last the day.


Right now I am using Cover Girl's Flamed Out mascara. I'm not that fussy when it comes to mascara as there's not a lot of difference I find between them.

The Reds

My two favourite lipsticks are Mac's Amplified, and Maybeline long wear in Everlasting Wine. They are my go to colours for a red lip.

Eye Shadow

Sometimes on days where I'm going for a more dramatic look I go for red eye shadow to accent the black. Costal Scents red is the most vibrant red I've had.

Red and Black

My two standard colours on my nails are red and black. Wether it's flat black, sparkly red or a black with red sparkles, I love these colours!

How does red and black fit into your make up routine?
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  1. I'm always on the lookout for a good liquid eyeliner that has a brush. Is the NYC one waterproof?

    And O.M.G. I'm in love with that nail polish.

    Thank you for sharing your red and black makeup products for this year's event! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts.

  2. Seconding the above comments - that nail polish! Gel liner lasts forever and makes for really smooth lines, but I prefer liquid for day to day for some reason.

  3. Alright, I know it's just glitter on your nails, but in small size it looked like blood spatters, which is awesome. :D

  4. I wear black eyeliner almost every day, the red makeup mostly comes out for clubbing.