Saturday, June 7, 2014

Red and Black Week - work Outfits

I really meant to post during red and black week daily, but somehow that didn't turn out. Between work and family and everything else going on, my best laid plans just didn't come to fruition. Enough with excuses though!
I did take pictures of a couple of my work outfits. I mostly dress in black, though I sometimes dress in purple to mix it up, and of course red or white accents with my black wear.
The first outfit is a black and white dress, that I accented with red lipstick and nail polish. It's not my most gothy look, but I thought it fit into the weekly theme.

The second outfit is one I have shown before. It is a black kimono style dress with a rd waist ribbon. It's one of my favourite summer work ensembles.

I think my expression is a bit silly in this photo. But you can at least see the dress.
I hope everyone enjoyed red and black week, and I apologize for not posting as frequently.

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  1. I really like that first dress. I think it's totally Goth enough for work, especially with your hair color and the accessories - those elements definitely distinguish you from the mainstream. The second dress is adorable, too! I can see why it is your favorite!

  2. The first dress is absolutely lovely!! It looks great on you. The kimonodress looks very comfortable and light, perfect for hot weather.

  3. Those are both really neat dresses!