Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ms Lou the Rockstar (Sort Of) ;)

Last week I played my first show on stage in years - guitar that is. I have played guitar since I was about 17, and have been in a couple of bands during my twenties and early thirties. The first was called Exalted and we were a gothic metal band. We were together for about 4 years and played the local bars that featured live independent bands. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lit from the experience. I'll never forget my first live show, where we played after a very raucus punk band called "The Horribles". The crowd mix was not good - hardcore punks and more mellow goths. Some of the punks tried to start a fight, and a couple spent the whole show yelling at two of the guys in our band, trying to start a fight. Luckily this never happened, and I have a good story to tell about my first show.
The second band was a punk band called Plunger, and I was in that one for two years. Punk isn't really my style, but it was still fun to play.
Now me and a former band mate from Exalted are forming a new band, and I'm really excited about it. He has another musical industrial project called Groit, and needed a guitarist, so invited me to play. It was great getting my feet wet again. I made a little vlog about the event. :)

Is there something you haven't done in a while that you would like to do again?

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